Double, 18.May: Wolfsburg to win vs Augsburg!


Combo Bet Predictions, 18.05

  1. Wolfsburg v Augsburg: 1 @ 1.45
  2. Mainz vs Hoffenheim: 2 @ 1.65

4 responses to “Double, 18.May: Wolfsburg to win vs Augsburg!”

  1. Jocke Avatar

    It was a good bet! The RED ruined it! Keep up the good work you do 💪

    1. Melvinn.kwaibiah Avatar

      Please send the prediction result to my phone I want to places my bet online

  2. Martins Avatar

    Indeed a very good one…if not for the red card…more perfection guys

  3. Ronaltinho Avatar

    Your performance has merely reduced 😣😣
    Come on ! I still your fan

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