What is the success rate of the Top Bets? Learn now!

Betting Stats Results

Here at ComboBets.com, we share the 5 most popular football bets every day.

We’ve tracked the results over a period of 300 days.

And regarding this research, we can now tell you which Top Bet wins the most and which the least.

The price of this information is just $10.

Once we received the payment, we will send you the information to your email as a pdf file like the one below, but with all the data revealed!

If you want to pay with Skrill or Netellercontact us.

Top Bets Stats and Results

10 responses to “What is the success rate of the Top Bets? Learn now!”

  1. Okello ali Avatar
    Okello ali

    Hello iwant good wining tips i

  2. Me Avatar

    These is a 50 50 deal because you can’t have a strong and heavy odds for your clients

  3. Noël MBONGA Avatar
    Noël MBONGA

    Excellent travail le gars vous méritez 6étoiles

  4. Lydia Avatar

    I want sure tips

  5.  Avatar

    Kasimu says:
    I want real and sure tips these are 50 50 because you can’t be sure if they are correct

  6. Tan9ka Avatar

    The games you post win a tick of a win are they for yesterday ? And does that mean for axample out of 10 games you post the ones ticked in green are the ones won ?

  7. Ramjuttun Avatar

    I want sure betting

  8. John Avatar

    Awesome job

  9. SESUGH Avatar

    combo bet top tips.
    you guys are doing great.
    keep up the good work.
    I would want the information but I don’t know how to send money through PayPal. I live in Nigeria and that is a diffcult task. can you provide an alternative way. Thanks.

  10. Robert iraru Avatar
    Robert iraru

    How much is the parkages I am interested from Kenya

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