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Description: 1.5 means quite a lot and helps bettors make the right decisions. Understanding 1.5 in betting on FB88 now.

When participating in betting on FB88 online bookie, bettors will certainly see the number “1.5” many times. So what does this number mean in betting, let’s find out in the article below from the prestigious FB88.

What Does 1.5 Mean When Betting on FB88 Sports?

The point spread is shown by a +1.5 or -1.5 next to a team. The favourite is the team with a score of -1.5, and the underdog is the club with a score of +1.5. Both clubs are quite evenly matched in this specific spread. Although there are other types of point spreads, this is one of the most popular ones. In essence, it means that even if the underdog loses by just one, they still receive their winnings. To win the bet, the favourite must overcome the underdog by a score of at least two (greater than 1.5).

How Do Different Sports Betting Interpret 1.5 on FB88 bookie?

Major sports have distinct scoring systems, so 1.5 may be very different. For instance, a 1.5 point spread in basketball or football indicates that the two teams are generally quite close. However, this is a big margin in soccer and a respectable spread for baseball and hockey. In soccer, a victory of two goals or more is considered a blowout.

Instead of altering the run or goal line for each wager, many sportsbooks use 1.5 as those lines. The underdog will still be +1.5 in this case, while the favourite is -1.5. The payout, though, won’t be the same because the spread isn’t intended to make everything equal.

For instance, if the worst baseball team plays the top baseball team, the line may be realistically +2.5 or even +3.5. The +1.5 spread does not alter anything; instead, it keeps them as a significant underdog that pays well if they triumph.

In truth, 1.5 is a standard run or goal line in baseball, hockey, and soccer that hardly ever changes. The odds are virtually always +1.5 for the underdog and -1.5 for the favourite.

Lines of 1.5 Can Continually Move

Another thing to bear in mind is that lines can move at any time, and most of them do so numerous times prior to the start of a game. If a football or basketball game on FB88 has a line of +1.5, watch for that line to change as the game approaches.

Before placing a wager, it’s crucial to try to determine why the lines are shifting for a variety of reasons. Lines usually change as a result of financial changes, player injuries, or other events that may have an impact on the likelihood that a game or match will be won or lost.

Do some study to see if you can determine what might have caused this if you ever see a line entirely change and change who is favoured in a contest. Before putting your move, do your research on the top online sportsbooks to make sure you are getting the best possible line.

There is no guarantee that a game with a 1.5 point spread will remain that way. In reality, point spreads that are that close are likely to change based on the early trends either upward or downward.

Sportsbooks will play around with the spread or the payout as much as possible because, as was previously indicated, they want to make roughly the same amount of money on both sides.

If so, always aim to bet on the team with the best point spread to improve your chances of winning and winning big.


So through the detailed explanation above from FB88 online bookie at FB88.cc. You understand the meaning of “1.5” in the available bets. Choose your favourite sport and bet “1.5” on FB88 bookie now.

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