What Are Shots On Target In Football at W88 Bookie?


Description: Shots on target is a common term used in football and football betting on W88. Understanding this shot on target term to make better decisions when placing a bet.

Football is a sport that requires players to spend time learning about specialized slang words. One of them should be added with no other words than “shot on target” which is in football and football betting W88 bookie. Through the following article from W88bio experts, let’s learn carefully about interesting information related to shots on target.

The concept of on target in football

On target or Shot on target are the same terms. That will include:

  • Any shot that goes on goal.
  • The shot is saved by the goalkeeper.
  • Or the shot that the last person to block was a player.

In the last two scenarios, the ball must have a clear chance of going into the net. Our formal definition of on target is any attempt to target:

  • Go into the net regardless of the purpose.

It was a clear attempt to score that should have gone into the net but was blocked by the goalkeeper. Or being blocked by the last runner and the goalkeeper has no chance to stop.

A shot on target must be an attempt to hit the target. This means that the player must have a clear intention to score a goal. Crosses will go into goal, but the keeper who catches/grabs a corner is a shot off target. That’s because the crosser has no intention of scoring.

Goal distances are also on target. In this case, the last player is the player closest to the line. This usually happens when the goalkeeper goes outside his own goal.

Target and penalty when shot on target in football betting W88

Any shot where the ball goes into the net will be considered a shot on target. And a goal will be recognized soon after. It doesn’t matter how the goal was scored, or whether the player who last touched the ball intended to score. However, if the team concedes a goal, the ball must go all the way to the goal line first.

So is a penalty considered an on target or not?

Football bettors on W88 bookie need to understand that a penalty kick will only be considered a shot on target if the shot goes into the goal or is saved by the goalkeeper. Instead, free kicks that hit the post or go wide of the goal will be considered off-target.

In most situations, a penalty will result in a hit on target. This is because the free kick is an attempt to score and the player has clear intentions. However, it will not be considered an on target if the penalty taker is to take the penalty and will require a lot of skill to take the free kick, especially sending the keeper in the wrong direction.

What is Shot on target headed and from the corner?

Header on target

Header will be taken as an on target if it is an attempt on goal. Or will go into goal if it is not for the goalkeeper to save or by the last person to save. But a header that hits the post or doesn’t go into the net will not be considered an on target.

Is a corner kick considered a shot on target?

A corner kick will be considered a shot on target if it goes on goal. Or it forces the goalkeeper to block or block the final lane. A corner that hits the post will not be a shot on target.

It’s really hard to score from a corner. However, there are quite a few cases where a player can score from a point. So, as long as the ball enters the goal from a corner, it will be considered a shot on target.


The above is the information you need to know about shots on target in football that bettors on W88 bookie at W88.bio need to know for reference before placing bets related to the term shot on target.

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