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A Both team to Score bet is a popular soccer bet related to the probability of both teams scoring in a match. To learn more about this bet type to place the most accurate bet, follow the following article of

1) What is a 2-Team to Score Bet?

Both teams to score means that both teams score in the same match, this is a popular bet at casino online 188BET because it is very simple and easy to understand. Players who want to win will need both teams to score one or more goals, regardless of the final score. For example, score 1-2, 1-1, 2-3, 5-1 …. as long as two teams score a goal, you will win the bet.

Entering this bet you will have one of two choices of yes or no. If you choose yes, the match must have at least 1 goal per team in the regular period for you to win. If you choose no, your bet will win if either or both teams fail to score.

In the event of a bet on both teams scoring, there is a determinant factor on this market including the starting lineup. Those who want to win many markets, you should choose matches that include the following factors:

  • The team is playing offensive football.
  • The team is scoring with ease.
  • The team is conceding whether they play at home or away.
  • The team is in the group to score more than 2.5 goals.

Some of the other factors that increase your chances of winning this handicap include:

  • The absence of one of the players in the defensive line of the two teams.
  • There is not much absence in the attack line of the two teams.
  • Returning match where the away team must score and win to qualify.
  • Some outside conditions affect the pitch and the weather is in good condition.
  • The time that the match started. Early matches can make players lack confidence.
  • Historical statistics confrontation between teams.

2) Types of selection in this bet type

The above information is intended to help you learn about what is a two-team scoring matchup. When participating in a 2-team handicap to score at 188BET, you can choose one of the following bets:

  1. Bet on both teams to score the first half: At this point you will be betting to score the 1st half on the first few times. The most common form of this handicap is betting on both teams to bring in a goal over the course of 90 minutes. This is a popular form of betting as it encourages players to bet on finding more interesting matches.
  2. Two teams score the second half: In many situations you would normally bet on the second half. At the end of the first half, you should consider the second half. For betting on both teams to score the second half, you need to consider the attack and defense history of both teams when participating in this sport. If a team scores and has to pick up more than one goal in a match, it does not mean that the team will repeat that. If they meet a team that scores many goals but their defenses are tight, there will be a lot of goals scored but not necessarily on the other team.
  3. Full match betting 188BET online: Bet on both teams to score in full match will be counted from the teams and their head-to-head performance. In some cases a team can produce a different performance when playing away from home.


Above is information about both teams to score. Hope to be useful to you when playing online football betting. If you have any questions about the information that we have just updated above, please leave your question answered. Good luck!

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