19 thoughts on “Double, 13.Oct: Norway to win vs Slovenia!

  1. if you are not sure of your bets ,just give us a single bet . Today Armenia lost 1-0 , we don’t need guess work this is our money you are playing with. This is not a joke

  2. Am shocked with what you call combo !!
    …..this is shame of highest order !
    Apologise before its midnight en do away with H/F win thing. Shame

  3. A lot of ungrateful wankers. You bet what u can afford to lose. Idiots. To the admin, onwards and upwards mate. Keep up the great work

  4. That is sports guys…you cant win always…..there is some days you loose…dont lament to the admin please they are also humanbeings like you like me…….All in all they are doing a great job………..i lost on the combo yesterday but am quite……. plz lets support our admins plz they are doing a great job…..

  5. I was surprised when reading the comments. You don’t need to rain insult on them, all you need is encouragement so that they can do more better so far you’re not paying a single penny for this stuff….. Wtf!!!

  6. when you win that’s another thing, but yesterday you lost and it’s a fact. How can you say half time full time armenia win then full time results they are 0-1 and you what do you expect . We clap for you. Stop insulting people, don’t call people bastards

    • I told you, if you don’t like our tips, just go away and find others that give 100% correct predictions every time. And if you find such website, go back and tell us about them. Thanks & Good Bye!

      And yes, our tips are FREE!!!! But ungrateful guys like you don’t deserve to keep our service for Free!

  7. Combo bets is the best you can ever get….why are you blaming Combo bets for the lost shame on you. You could have played singles

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