Top 10 Most Common Correct Scores in Soccer

soccer score result

See which Correct Scores occur the most in the football matches.

#Score%2,5 Goals
1.1 – 111.0 %Under
2.1 – 010.5 %Under
3.2 – 18.5 %Over
4.0 – 07.7 %Under
5.0 – 17.4 %Under
6.2 – 07.3 %Under
7.1 – 26.3 %Over
8.2 – 24.7 %Over
9.0 – 24.4 %Under
10.3 – 04.3 %Over

Correct Score Statistics & Predictions

Full-time Correct Scores results from almost 300,000 matches across all leagues have been analysed.

You can use this data and statistics to help predict the final score of a soccer game.

As can be seen, 1-1 is the most common score in soccer.

Also, 5 of the first 6 most frequently occurred outcomes are Under 2.5 goals.

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    How can I get the top 10 common tips for correct score

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    How Can I Get Accurate Correct Scores Package , I like Correct Scores

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    To get correct scores you need to do comparison in previous matches prayed.

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