How to Read Popular W88 Football Bets for Beginners


Description: Reading and understanding football bets on W88 bookie is essential. Learn quickly and in detail how to read football bets on W88 bookie now.

How to read W88 football odds is common and any player who wants to bet on football at W88 online bookie must understand. In football betting, there are 3 popular types of bets: European, Asian (Handicap) and Over/Under (1×2). Today, W88 will introduce to you how to read and understand football odds at W88 sports.

What is the football bet on W88 bookie?

Football handicap is a betting door that allows players to bet on an outcome that will happen with the corresponding winnings. The bookie will offer many bets and the player has the right to decide to bet on any bet.

There are hundreds of football matches and football odds available to bet on daily. The bookie will provide football betting odds on a pair of matches, including the final score, the number of corners, penalty cards, etc. After the match ends and the player wins that bet, the player will be awarded the original bet amount plus the winnings from the odds. How to see the odds and how to see the football odds in betting is very important and players need to understand it to have the best chance of winning.

How to read the European bet/odds W88

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and select SPORT/eSports (Europe) under the standard link of W88 bookie.
  • Step 2: A table of odds is displayed, players can choose any tournament they like. Example: Choose to bet on the English Premier League.

Grasp the important elements of European rafters

  • On website W88, the only way to view European bets is Decimal. In Decimal, the odds are usually high, but the original bet is also included. For example, odds ratio 2.4. Winnings: $100 (base stake) x odds 2.4 = $240 (including base stake).
  • The European Handicap has 2 basic types: European Handicap for the whole match and European Handicap for the first half.
  • The team rated above will have red letters.

How to read W88 Asian bet/ odds

  • Step 1: Log in to your W88 betting account, select SPORTS/eSports (Asia).
  • Step 2: See the W88 rafters displayed on the screen (similar to the European rafters table). If you can’t find the match you want to watch, it’s most likely in the “Early Bets” section because those are upcoming matches.
  • Step 3: Place your bet. For example, a player who wants to make a bet on the English Premier League can take the following steps: You proceed to click on the odds. Then, the bet table will be displayed. Next, click select bet amount. Finally, press the “Place Bet” button to complete.

Looking at the bet table of the Asian market, you will see that W88 bookie has calculated itself based on the odds. If you have questions about how bookie is calculated, please refer to the following calculation: bet * odds = winnings

How to read football Over/ Under odds W88

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and select SPORTS/eSports (Asia)
  • Step 2: A table of odds is displayed. Here, players can know how W88 bookie offers the odds of over and under and place their own bets.

Important symbols when reading the W88 Over/Under bet

  • You can proceed to bet on Over and Under for the whole match, Over and Under in the first half.
  • The home team is on top, the away team is below.
  • If 2 teams play on neutral ground, the letter (N) will be displayed next to the home team name.
  • The stronger team has red letters, the weaker team has black letters.
  • If two teams are judged equally, both are written in black.


The above article has guided players to see the most complete and detailed W88 football betting odds. After reading the article, players can register for a W88 account from to experience what they have learned.

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