D’Alembert (Pyramid) betting system

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The D’Alembert (Pyramid) betting system is simple to follow and very efficient system for money management. You have to increase stake sizes after a losing bet and to decrease it after a winning bet. See below examples how exactly the D’Alembert (Pyramid) system work…

D’Alembert (Pyramid) Betting System – the basics!

This popular mathematical system is named after Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician and physicist. His theory on the “Law of Equilibrium” supposes a balance of successes and failures of certain events if you consider a long series of these events.

The d’Alembert, sometimes referred to as the “Pyramid System”, has you increase your bet by 1 unit after a loss and decrease your bet by 1 unit after a win.

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D’Alembert system – how it works?

Each loss goes up 1 unit, each win go down 1 unit, making 1 unit net profit from each and every win. The odds for each bet have to be 2.00.

Pyramid system – examples!

Main example:

  1. First bet €1. If you win, bet €1. If you lose, bet €2.
  2. If you win €2, next bet €1. If you lose, bet €3.
  3. If you win €3, next bet €2. If you lose, bet €4.
  4. If you win €4, next bet €3. If you lose, bet €5.
  5. If you win €5, next bet €4. If you lose, bet €6.
  6. If you win €6, next bet €5. If you lose, bet €8.
  7. Etc.

One typical sequence would be handled as follows:

  1. Bet 1 unit, Lose, -1 units
  2. Up to 2 units, Win, +1 unit
  3. Bet 1 unit, Lose, +0 units
  4. Up to 2 units, Lose, -2 units
  5. Up to 3 units, Win, +1 unit
  6. Bet 2 units, Win, +3 units

Your “unit” can be equal to €1, €5, €25 or anything that you designate. If your unit were €5, then you would be down €5 after the first wager. Your second stake is €10 and the win puts you up to a net of one unit or €5.

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What is the stop point with the system?

There is no determined stop-win point with the system, so you must set one for yourself. If 1 unit profit were fine for you, then you would have won the sequence after the 2nd wager (being up 1 unit) and quit or began a new sequence. If 2 or 3 units were your objective, then the 6th bet would have sufficed.

The higher your objective win, the longer the sequence will be. You should also pre-select a stop-loss point for any sequence that you play to help control losses.


Notice that this sequence has 3 wins and 3 losses. When the wins and losses balance each other or are in equilibrium, then your net gain is equal to the number of wins in your sequence. This sequence has 3 wins that balance out 3 losses. The net gain is 3 units.

Please also realize that if we had a losing sequence, a more aggressive unit size progression will work harder against you, losing money much faster. So you’d better set limits or will find yourself in outer space someday.

But usually, D’Alembert is the most efficient system. For example, if you start at €1 and “return to base” every 100 plays, whether winning or losing – this is definitely better than flat betting at €50.

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