Treble, 19/20/22.04: Chelsea to win vs Burnley!


Combo Predictions, 19-22.04

  1. Chelsea v Burnley: 1 @ 1.25
  2. Barcelona v Sociedad: 1 @ 1.25
  3. Alaves v Valladolid: 1X @ 1.30

19 responses to “Treble, 19/20/22.04: Chelsea to win vs Burnley!”

  1. Combo Bets Avatar

    Alaves v Valladolid: 2:2 WIN!

  2. jose Avatar

    nice. two more to go

  3. Amos Avatar

    Looks good i missed the time you post

  4. Combo Bets Avatar

    Barcelona v Sociedad: 2:1 ✅

  5. maurice Avatar

    1.what is posting time? can l get them direct from ma phone.

  6. Martins Avatar

    Will chelsea make this treble complete ?cos am scared oooo,chelsea was my last game to come

  7. Afeku Avatar

    Patiency pays so they are more than the best

  8. Gordonz Avatar

    These bigger clubs are unpredictable. Bigger clubs (premier league) this weekend really messed up.

  9. Ronaltinho Avatar

    No i lose so much on Chelsea…fuck !!!

  10. Ronaltinho Avatar

    Shit !!!!!!

  11. Ronaltinho Avatar

    So many matches…you chosed chelsea to win 😂
    Better for liverpool or many other man !
    you are good
    but not great at all

  12. Peter Avatar

    I lost too becouse of chelsea but thats not the end of the road. Everyone wl agree with me that all the big teams of england were unpredictable this weekend. Take for example, Man u, arsenal, bounermouth, leicester etc.. stl remain the best .after all error is to human being…

  13. Peter Avatar

    Lost alot becouse i had placed a big money on this,..There is nxt time.

  14. Martins Avatar

    I think i said about chelsea that am scared,i lost my ticket bcos of only chelsea,but this is the first time am seing combobets lost comboprediction so i really appreciate u guys cos u are phenomenal keep it up and come back with great ones

  15. Martins Avatar

    Am very sure 100% that u guys ll come back strong with this chelsea aftermath

  16. Peter Avatar

    Yeah i hp too that they wl come back strong like never before..
    I was also worried by the chelsea team.

  17.  Avatar

    Anyway we can take on Barcelona win at alaves as we wait for the bet of the day from
    this guys are doing a good job.

  18. Afeku Avatar

    Infact you guys are my twinquister coz i do not know that i will win some thing from football betting but because of you people i found my self winning,since this is a game such losses happen,so continue with what ever you are doing ,wish you all the best and i respect you in all aspect thank.

  19. Gordonz Avatar

    I love, you guys are surely the best. Let’s forget about Chelsea FC and wait for the next combination from our amiable Love you guys…

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