BetUP: in-play sports betting for big jackpots!

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BetUP, the innovative new in-play sports betting product from Commologic, is now live with its first operator, Unibet Sports & Racebook.

The product pools players together to offer big jackpots to the customers who can most successfully predict a series of in-play propositions over the course of a live sports event, such as which team will win the next corner.

BetUP is an excellent acquisition tool for softer sports fans, designed to engage players by creating an in-game experience which educates users about live betting.

BetUP is now live across Unibet’s desktop, mobile and tablet channels in six markets, including the UK, as part of the Unibet Sportsbook and as a standalone native application.

It has already drawn a large following with more than 7,000 users registering to play the games during last Tuesday’s Champions League second leg matches.

“Although sports betting is thriving, there has been very little innovation when it comes to softer, complementary products,” Commologic founder and chief executive, Tamir Berler, said.

“BetUP is a fresh and innovative game that is entertaining and fun to play.”

Erik Bäcklund, head of sportsbook at Unibet, added: “At Unibet we are very much focused on innovation and we believe that BetUP has great potential as a fan engagement tool.

“Both the online gaming industry and the way we consume media are changing and BetUP provides a friendly and entertaining second-screen live betting experience for casual players.

“We expect the product to be popular with existing customers, but also to act as a solid entry point for the less betting-savvy sports fans, who currently don’t bet online.”

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