What is Asian Handicap Betting? How to play Asian Handicap at Fun88

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Most of the current football betting players in the world play Asian handicaps because it has a high winning rate as well as a variety of markets for players to choose. Let’s find out about Asian rafters in the following article.

What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap at Fun88 is the basic type of deal for Asian bookies to evaluate the difference in strength of two teams. In a match there will be a stronger team and a weaker team, to create fairness the stronger team will handicap the underdogs according to the Asian Handicap odds offered by the bookmakers. Asian markets are popular in the Asian market and become the main market to develop into other types of markets.

Asian Handicap makes it easy for players to know which team is stronger than the weaker team. Combined with the analysis, the judgment of football betting people that make decisions and choose the team according to their judgment. The special thing is that Asian Handicap from the BET88 page provided will only count in 90 minutes (plus extra time) of that match excluding extra time. When the match is in progress the house will add the Asian Handicap, 1st, 2nd or Extra-time handicaps respectively.

What are Asian handicap odds?

Explain the meaning of the sign (+), (-): Asian handicap odds are very popular at online betting sites. Betting on Asian handicap at Fun88 is not easy but this type of rafters always gives players betting interesting feeling when placing rafter. In order to play the Asian Handicap, the betting player must go deeper into exploring and judging the situation carefully before placing a bet.

Asian Handicap betting, the result is basically eliminated. It is always the case that the favorite is disadvantaged and the underdog has an advantage. Then the football betting player will have 2 options: to select the favorite to be settled and the lower to be settled.

Play Asian Handicap Odds from site review BET88 are expressed in numbers like 1/4 (0.25), 1/2 (0.5), 3/4 (0.75), 1 … and will be negative (-) or positive (+ ) depending on which team the door is top or bottom. A plus sign (+) means that the underdog will have +0.25, +0.5, +0.75, +1 … goals before the match starts. And (-) means that the favorite will have to minus -0.25, -0.5, -0.75, -1 … goals compared to the lower team.

How to calculate the categories of Asian handicap:

Handicap (0): This is where the house evaluates both teams equally; Which player will bet if the team wins the match then the player wins.

Half-ball field bets (0.25, or 1/4): This market forces a stronger team to bet on a weaker team than 0.25 teams. Under which player bet on top will win if team on top wins; and will lose money if you lose; lose half the money if tie.

Half goal handicap (0.5, or 1/2): This means that the house is more than the handicap 0.5 left. Accordingly, the person who bet on the team at the top will win the pot if the team on the other team wins by 2 or more points;

Half-handicap handicap (0.75, or 3/4): For this, the player of the top team will win the full sum if the upper team wins by 2 or more points; win half money if the upper team wins by 1 goal and loses if it is a draw or a loss. Otherwise the underdog team will win money if the tie or under team wins; lose half money if the team above wins by 1 goal difference and lose both money if the team above wins wins by 2 points or more.

Handicap 1 left: This is the handicap team on the lower handicap team on the left. Accordingly, the player who bet on the team at the top will win if the team with the winner wins by 2 or more points; about money when winning by 1 difference; lose both money if the score or team on the top losing.

The same will apply for trusses of 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc.


Recently the introduction to what is Asian Handicap at Fun88. Hopefully through the article will help players know more of the current top attractions!

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